MODULAR COMMUNITY is a prototype budget hotel in Phayao, a 700-kilometer north of Bangkok, hilly-agriculture based province, ranked topless total family-income of Thailand, and limits of builder workmanship.  The original idea is to create an architectural process to encourage the growth of people knowledge and local economy, considering to its ecology.


The Concept is to create an Ecolomic Relationship, between people and their environments.  A controllable modular aggregates along the active circulation are used as an essential system.  On one hand, the modular is designed as an economic living unit that responds to natural light and ventilation.  Shared circulation, on the other, ecologically grows and responds to various conditions such as context, local traits, building scale, and feasibility, brings the project its identity.  Considering of budget and workmanship, an off-season farmers, a basic materials and construction are applied to be compatible with the local skills to create a learning environment that brings a new possibilities.

While the hotel is practically hosts all guests warmly under a friendly construction and operation budget, its formation, The Ecolomic Relationship, idea of designing a conversation between economic unit and ecological growth system, is implied to cultivate people’s knowledge and contribute to a growing community.



Project Information
Category Budget Hotel
Completion Year 2015
Built Area 1200 sq.m.
Location Phayao, Thailand
Lead Architect Kittiya Choowanthanapakorn
Engineers Kritkampoo Chaisiri and Anurak Thapthimthong
Photographer Monchaya Choowanthanapakorn
Photo Editor Soopakorn Srisakul