The Sainoi Municipal Building is a 30-year-old wooden-concrete structure located in Sainoi, Nonthaburi, Thailand. The initial concept is to extend the structure to accommodate more functions, such as a conference room, office, and public area.

The Place by People, The Place for People

The design concept is to transform the old-style government building into a welcoming public space for the community. While keeping the facade in the old style, The new wood was replaced at the outer wood skin for better protection and old wood was preserved and moved inside at the main hall where the welcome spiral staircase replaced the old dark narrow one. The main extension on the West wing is a new conference room, while the East wing is open office space. The terracotta façade is located in the front to connect the old and new buildings.

Preservation Concept

The community is concerned about the preservation of a historic structure. Architects and engineers create designs that combine modern steel structures with historic structures to preserve the existing structure and representation. The old structure is preserved to the greatest extent possible and reinforced with steel components during the preservation process. The old wood is brought inside to serve as an interior wall in the main entrance hall, where visitors are greeted.

Existing Wooden Building
Existing Wooden Building

Existing Stairs
New addition steel-wooden spiral stairs
Project Information
CategoryRenovation Building
Completion Year2017
Built Area1200 Sq.m
LocationNonthaburi, Thailand
CollaborationDepartment of Architecture, Silpakorn University & Kittiya Architects
ArchitectsPinai Sirikiatikul, Kittiya Choowanthanapakorn, Satta Panyakaew
EngineerTeerawat Sumangkalo
PhotograherSittisak Namkam

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